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Specialty Systems

Mobil DI Water Cart

The mobile DI cart is perfect for a university lab or researcher requiring DI water for multiple lab locations. The system produces type 1 water from tap. The cart houses DI tanks, carbon filter, pre/post filters, recirculation pump and UV filtration. The system also includes a top tray for storing supplies and large caster wheels for easy mobilization.

Front Panel


Internal Components


Silex Series Deionizer

The Silex deionizers are an convenient and economical choice for producing deionized water. These units are ideal for spotfree rinse applications or wherever deionized water is needed. The silex housing contains a pack of ion exchange resin that is easily exchanged when the system has become exhausted. Multiple DI columns can be added for larger capacity applications. Optional components such as digital megohm meter, recirculation pump and sub-micron filters are available for the system as well.  The certificate exchange program makes exchanging resin packs very  simple.


DI resin bag
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