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Consumer Water Purification Systems

We offer a comprehensive line of under the counter Reverse Osmosis Systems and Water Conditioners for your home or office.

TFC35 and TFC35M Reverse Osmosis System

    System Features


  • Design for easy installation

  • Approximately 2 gallons of pure water storage

  • Automatic Shut-Off

  • TFC35M includes a water quality monitor

  • Patented channel design reduces tubing

  • System can produces  35 gallons of pure water daily

Residential Water Softeners - F Series

    System Features


  • Design for easy installation

  • Flow rates between 6–10 GPM

  • Rugged, glass-reinforced Noryl construction

  • 12-day or mechanical meter available

  • Easy-to-program controls

  • Self-cleaning piston with one moving part

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