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Water Treatment Equipment 

Virginia Water Systems is a leading provider of water prurification systems. We offer custom and pre-engineered equipment for many water treatment applications. For more information please contact a Virginia Water Systems representative.

  • Systems can produce Type I or Type II water

  • Tanks cofiguration and resins can be customized for varying applications

  • System options include, UV sterilzer, digital megohm meter, recirculation pump, post filter and pure water faucets.

  • Systems can be purchased or leased.

    Equipment leasing is provided within our service area.



  • System flow rates range from .5 GPM-300 GPM

  • Skid mounted pre-plumbed and wired

  • Pretreatment and posttreatment systems

  • PLC control system

  • Automatic Water Softeners

  • Carbon Filtration Systems

  • Multi-Media Filtration Systems

  • Condensate Polisher System

  • Automatic DI System

  • Electro-Deionization Skids

  • Acute RO Systems

  • Large Multi-Patient Central System

  • Wall Box for Water and Bicarb Delivery

  • Acid and Bicarb Systems


  • Ultra-Pure low TOC water

  • Tap to Pure, Integrated RO/DI

  • Point of use filter for vaying applications

  • Realtime display for TOC and resitivity

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