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Hemodialysis Water Systems

Virginia Water System has partnered with AmeriWater to provide dalysis water treatment equipment that meets CMS (Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services) and AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation) water standards. AmeriWater manufacturers FDA medical devices (510K) that provide this high purity water for acute settings and for chronic treatment centers. In addition to watr treatment systems Ameriwater also manufactures bicarbonate/acid concentrate systems, disinfection systems, clean-in-place systems, and wall boxes assemblies.

Ameriwater Central RO water system


The central system is designed to provide water for up to 35 stations and has itegrated systyem quality alarms and nurse station monitoring. The central RO system utilizes the Ameriwater advanced microprocessor controller and fearures a programmable flush and an easy disinfection feature that helps keep he RO systems microbiologically under control. Allowing you to operate the system with confidence you are poviding the best water for your patients dialysis machines

Ameriwater Acute RO Water System


AmeriWater’s portable reverse osmosis systems offer two models in this line-up the MROS (Single patient) and the  MRO1 (Single or dual patient) The acute RO systems are  designed for ease of use, quiet operation, and superior reliability. The unique compact design is a complete package. All pretreatment, which includes dual carbon filters, sediment filter, and anti-scalant for hardness reduction, is located inside the cabinet. These units have everything you need to transform your tap water into product water for dialysis. The compact size and easy maneuverability make AmeriWater’s portable ROs perfect for single patient use in a medical facility or for professional home care.

Ameriwater Mini-Central RO Water System


The Mini-Central system from AmeriWater is designed to provide water for up to 6 patients making it ideally sized to meet the needs of medium sized dialysis treatment facilities. It is the only dialysis water treatment system on the market today that meets all CMS regulatory requirements for three to six stations. It is perfect for acute dialysis, nursing homes and correctional facilities.


Ameriwater Bicarbonate System


AmeriWater offers a range of bicarb systems for low, medium, and high volume use. Each complete system provides worry free preparation and distribution of bicarbonate solution. These bicarb systems allow facilities to take advantage of the cost savings of mixing bicarb in bulk. All bicarb systems meet both AAMI and CMS requirements.


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