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Industrial Water Systems

The industial water systems are designed for larger commercal and industrial water treatment applications. Some system features include skid mounting (prepiped and wired), seismic rated skids, ASME rated tanks and custom electronic controls. System piping avilable is galvanized, PVC and copper.

Marlo MR Series Commercial Water Softeners


The Marlo 'MR' Series is designed for larger commercial and industrial applications. Individual tank capacity ranges from 150,000 grain to 1,050,000 grain with continuous flow rates of 20-190 GPM. Single tank, multi-tank parallel, twin alternating, and triple alternating systems are available with a wide variety of timer and water meter controllers.

Commercial Filtration Systems MFS Series


The MFS series is designed for larger commercial and industrial applications with multi-tank parallel systems common for high flow rates. Tank diameters up to 144" and service pipe connections to 8" flange are available. The MFS system is designed to house various styles of media depending upon the application.



High efficiency, in-depth filter system using a layered bed of anthracite, silica sand, and two grades of garnet for excellent filtration down to the order of 5-10 micron. Multi-Media has the highest service flow rates available in a pressure type filter.


Filter system capable of reducing iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide using manganese greensand filter media. Oxidative capacity of the media must be restored through either periodic regeneration with a weak potassium permanganate (KMnO4) solution.


Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is designed for the reduction of tastes, odors, and dissolved organic material from municipal and industrial water supplies. Numerous types of activated carbon are available for specialty applications.

Automatic Mixed Bed Deionizer


The 'MMB' Series Mixed-Bed Deionizer (MBDI) systems are designed for industrial, ultra-pure water applications. The cation and anion exchange processes take place in a single vessel where extremely high water purity is achievable (up to 18.3 Meg-Ohm resistivity). On-site chemical regeneration of the resin also occurs within the vessels after an automatic separation step.

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