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Deionized Water Systems

What is Deionized Water?


Deionized water is water minus all the dissolved solids. Creating deionized water is quick and easy with our high purity mixed bed DI systems. The process is chemical free and produces no hazardous waste.

Industries and processes that benefit from DI Water :
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Blood Chemistry Analyzers

  • Lab reagent preperation

  • Boiler Feed

  • Conductance Experiments

  • Kidney Dialysis

  • Rinsing applications (Solar panels, lab glassware and glass manufactuing)




DI Water System Services


  • On-Site Maintenance

  • DI Water System Leasing

  • Off site tank regenration

A few of our most popular DI tank systems.



System capacity varies according to the incoming tap water quality/TDS.

DI System Optional Accessories:


Digital Resitivity Meter
Watts Automatic Shut-off System
Hydro-Check Digital Megohm Meter
Atlantic Ultraviolet Sterilizer
Pure Water Dispensing Faucets
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