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Item #95-0006
Quantity of one case (2)Quarts

Peracidin Cold Sterilant 2 quart case

  • Peracidin® is a peracetic acid solution (PAA) for use in reverse osmosis and water system components used in hemodialysis.
    Protect the reverse osmosis machine and its distribution system against bacteria, biofilms and endotoxin.
    Usually a 1% solution (1 part PAA to 100 parts pure water) is used with a 40 minute soak and recycle time.
    Peracidin® is non-toxic and biodegradable, unlike aldehyde vapors. Care to prevent skin bleaching must be taken with the concentrate, but in the 1% dilution form special handling procedures are not required.
    Product label includes an expiration date to ensure that the chemical is used at its most effective state. The shelf life of the disinfectant is one year.
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